An Overview of Casino Myths

Gambling is all about intuition and luck. What say? It is undoubtedly fun and rewarding provided the players handle the game they are engaged in, responsibly. But most of the players today lack awareness as to how an online casino and live casino operates and so, there are a number of myths surfaced with regards to various casinos operating around the world.

Well, some of the popular casino myths include:

Online casinos are illegal

The online casinos are also subjected to laws and regulations like the brick and mortar casinos. It is of utmost importance that the players cross-check whether the casino they are choosing to explore the online casino games is licensed and regulated by an authorised body of repute. They have to obtain valid gambling licences before they can operate. Casinos operating in the UK and Europe, mostly hold licences from Malta and the UK.

Online casinos are not safe

This is not true. All the well-established online casinos and the brand new casinos employ state-of-the-art technology and encryption to ensure that your personal details and transactions of the players are secure.

Online casino games are addictive

There is no doubt that gambling can be addictive, but it is not the case with everyone. If the players gamble responsibly, there is no danger of being addicted. Casinos provide players with the option to set betting limits and also self-exclusions. It is also worth noting that all the casinos take gambling addiction very seriously and promote Responsible Gaming.

Online casinos encourage underage gambling

Online Casinos are very serious about underage gambling and are strongly against underage gambling to the extent that they do not allow the underage players to register with the casino. Not only does the player require a credit card, but also an ID and KYC documents in order to sign up with the casino. These stringent measures are put in place to discourage underage players.

The house is always set to win

To some extent, this is the fact, unless the players are not sure when to end the game and walk away. If the players keep chasing their losses, they are definitely set to lose. The players have to do a  self-analysis and know why and when to gamble. The entertainment part of it needs to be at the forefront.

Skills can help to win in games involving pure chance

While games like poker do require skill to beat the opponents, but the outcome of most casino games depends on chance and luck alone. There is nothing the players can do to affect how that pull on a slot machine will turn out, even if the players have won a thousand times before. Even if the players are great at traditional video games, which require practice and skill, don’t expect that to translate into online casino success. The nature and outcome of online games differ from one game to another.

Roulette wheels are biased

A century ago when roulette wheels were made by hand, there were physical imperfections which prevented the games from being completely random. But in 2019, wheels are inspected and certified regularly. Roulette is the ultimate game of chance. If you play online, where the ball lands are the result of an advanced random number generation algorithm. That means that the ball has an equal chance of landing anywhere on the wheel, regardless of where it landed on the previous spin.


Name: An Overview of Casino Myths
Author : Andrew Moore
Published Date: 17/01/2019